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Unfortunately, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, moped accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, plane accidents, pedestrian injuries, recreational vehicle accidents, etc. claim thousands of lives every year and cause millions of injuries. Aside from causing death, these accidents can be potentially devastating and leave victims with lifelong injuries and pain and suffering, including amputation, brain injury, severe burns, paralysis, spinal cord injury, and more. They can also lead to serious financial troubles, huge medical bills, property repair costs, and significant lost wages. At the Law Offices of Christopher Parker-Cyrus, we can help you.


Every injured person must understand that the adjuster and the attorney of the insurance company with whom you will have to deal are not on your side. They represent whom? Not you! They represent and work for your enemy in this situation. Their job is to do everything that they can to have their insurance company client pay out as little as possible in every single case. Why? This method saves money for their client and employer, the insurance company. They do not care about you, your family, or anyone else that is trying to receive a fair recovery of compensation for the wrong that was done to them. They only care about their job of protecting their insurance company’s money in every way possible. Often, they will deny a rightful claim from you, delay a rightful claim from you, or try to persuade you to settle for much less than the amount to which you are legally entitled to receive as compensation.


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